Tips for Plano Graduation Party Catering

Planning a graduation party is an exciting time for both the graduate and their family. It’s a time to celebrate their accomplishments, gather with loved ones, and create lasting memories. One of the most important aspects of a graduation party is the food. The food you choose can make or break the entire celebration. With so much to consider, it can be overwhelming to plan the perfect graduation party catering. In this article, we will provide you with some tips to make the process easier.

Consider the Number of Guests

The first thing to consider when planning graduation party catering is the number of guests. The number of guests will determine the amount of food you need to buy, as well as the type of food you should choose. If you’re expecting a large gathering, you might want to consider serving appetizers and snacks to keep the costs down. Your catering company can help you create a fun menu of delicious treats that won’t break the bank. On the other hand, if your gathering is small, you can consider a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style meal.

Don’t Be Conservative with Estimates

When estimating the number of guests, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate. If you think you’ll have somewhere between 20 and 25 attendees, get enough food for 25. You don’t want to run out of food in the middle of the party and leave your guests hungry. Guests are happy when they’re full and can enjoy the gathering without wondering “when is the food coming out?”

Choose a Variety of Filling Items

When selecting your menu, it’s essential to choose a few filling items. Some foods are quite filling and rich, and they’ll make you want to sit down and relax for the rest of the day. Other foods are just a little snack and leave you wanting more. A good rule of thumb is to choose a variety of foods that will appeal to different tastes and preferences. You might choose bowls of nuts and pretzels amidst the catered dishes to fill bellies during the party, especially if you’re hosting a cocktail party for your college graduate. Trays of sliced meat and cheese are also deliciously filling.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

It’s important to consider guests with allergies or dietary restrictions. Some of your guests might have dietary restrictions due to allergies, others may practice a faith that requires adhering to a particular diet, and other guests may choose to eat a certain way because of personal dietary choices. If your gathering is large enough that you aren’t personally familiar with each guest’s dietary restrictions, provide a variety of food items to satisfy as many tastes as possible. Even if you just include one or two side dishes for someone who’s a vegetarian or who’s diabetic, they’ll thank you for the consideration.

Mix the Textures of Food to Improve Satiety

As you choose your food selections, you’ll want to try different textures and colors of food, and you may want to consider hot and cold options. For example, if you’re concentrating on desserts for your guests, make sure you choose a variety of different treats. You might choose carrot cake and some plain cheesecake for the soft, sugary desserts alongside some trays of freshly baked cookies for something a little crunchy. You can also provide some fresh fruit trays for your guests who are looking to keep their figures trim.

In Conclusion

Planning the perfect graduation party catering can be overwhelming, but with the right preparation and a good catering company, you can create a memorable celebration. Remember to consider the number of guests, don’t be conservative with estimates, choose a variety of filling items, consider dietary restrictions, and mix the textures of food to improve satiety. By following these tips, you can ensure that your graduation party is a success.